“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It’s very important to be aware of them every time they come up.” ~Deepak Chopra

The ego forms as we begin to think from a perspective imposed on us by interaction with others, particularly adults. We are given false messages about our true nature. It leads us to make assumptions about what will fulfill us. At two years of age it becomes reality that many boundaries are imposed upon us, and as we comply or resist, we become less governed by natural feeling and more driven by fear of consequence for not being compliant.

The ego then creates an image of self that appears true. Trying to fulfill this ego based self leads to frustration. As we pursue an ideal life, we become centred on the false self-image, feeding the ego. The ego will often provoke negative messages that are not truth, but have been reinforced by environment and circumstance. Recognizing these automatic thoughts and focusing on the fact this is ego’s voice not our true voice is the first step to not giving ego power. Such automatic thoughts can be recognized by the emotion experienced. Messages that incite negative feelings should be met with distraction or replaced with affirmation. Our true identity is hidden by the automatic responses sent by our ego, confusing our emotion. Awareness that you are not causing these thoughts breaks the egos illusion and reveals your inner voice.

Ego seeks out fulfillment outwardly. True satisfaction is an inward journey that is unique to each individual. We need to let go of identifying ourselves on the basis of achievements, need to be right, reputation and other ego based ideas. Be reminded negativity from another person is purely a reflection of something inside them. What anyone else says or does is none of our business and is not to be taken personally. If we each learn to consistently become aware of the voice of our ego and refocus on something we feel good about, it will become natural to live life as it happens, rather than being driven by ego.

While ego’s illusion fades, become mindful to approach every situation with love; love for ourselves or for anyone else. Doing so will move us further toward living without ego. Let life happen, feel automatic emotions, embrace the positive and let the negative go. Stop chasing happiness and resisting despair, live in the moment and let go of trying to control outcomes lead by the ego. Being patient for the natural outcome, then experiencing it with awareness, will teach us lessons and reveal our ideal life.

Lisa Colbert  www.vitalsparkca.WordPress.com

“The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do, is a backwards way of assessing and living life.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

“But nothing can satisfy the ego for long. As long as it runs your life, there are two ways of being unhappy. Not getting what you want is one. Getting what you want is the other.” ~Eckhart Tolle