Gratitude creates a state of mind based on and perpetuated by positive belief; just as being ungrateful becomes a state of mind based on and perpetuated by negative belief.

The conscious construction of our reality begins in our thoughts. The manifestation of that reality is cause and effect based in emotion. If I choose to focus on and give attention to what I am grateful for rather than what’s wrong in my life I am choosing abundant and fulfilling thinking. Resentment and gratitude are opposites, as are faith and fear. These sentiments evoke opposite emotional responses and create opposite states of being.

All things begin as a thought, an idea or concept. Thought and perception creates reality. Deeply felt and consistently expressed sentiments of gratitude can transform the perception of life. It is an important part of consciously giving energy to abundance and fulfillment. This is what I aspire to and deserve in my life. Participating as co-creator in my life where ideas are shared with spirit and trust is put in the process, will allow for the ideal result. Manipulating and coercing outcomes has only created frustration and an illusion of chaos.

Becoming genuinely grateful in every aspect of life, both in the present and toward possibilities for the future will cause more of the same to be attracted. I choose to align my thoughts in a conscious and intentional way, to create positive flow of energy. As I learn to be grateful for the possibilities in my life that unfold and remain connected to positive energies, inner peace will be realized.

Over thinking, rationalizing, and looking for logic, results in a limiting and self-sabotaging thought process that originates outside me. Coming to and understanding that anything and everything, both seen and unseen is comprised of energy that has originated in collective consciousness opens endless possibility. Maintaining inner peace by aligning mind, body and spirit and consciously choosing to connect with harmony by simply being, rather than chasing, will allow for acceptance of outcomes. Both the process and the outcome will be orderly rather than chaotic. Making congruent thought, intention and action will bring empowerment.

Understanding my perceptions and beliefs create my reality, I will consciously align my intention, thoughts, words, and actions to attract and experience outcomes without judging details of how, or doubting if it will be achieved. In doing so I am letting go of free will and letting faith work with the energy of the universe. Heart felt gratitude and living in the moment can keep my perceptions based in hope and possibility. The actions I take must be inspired by this and taken with faith the next right thing will bring more. Remaining grateful in the moment and practicing grace in regard to transgressions of the past and hopes for the future to me is remaining grounded.

Once the intention is set and action is taken, there needs to be a level of detachment to allow the perfection and simplicity of the process to provide the desired outcome. Accepting and overcoming false beliefs from the past will be the key to change and maintenance of that change. Living consciously and staying aware such false beliefs are undermining will require patience and persistence. Practicing genuine gratitude for learning and being provided with everything needed for being in this moment, to me, ensures positive momentum.

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