Faith allows us to have trust as we take action guided by our connection with the higher power of our understanding. To me faith is a belief that everything happens for a reason and in its own timing. We can have deep faith without even really understanding what that higher power is. We can simply accept that there is something greater than ourselves that we are learning to believe in as our understanding grows. Living consciously with hope instead of fear, allows us to remain open to the deeper meaning in the lessons our higher power puts in front of us. Faith requires hope and courage. Sometimes, despite our anxiety and apprehension to live in faith rather than fear, there is opportunity brought to us to identify with others. Sharing these fears and listening, with an open mind, to the experience of others who have realized faith allows our own understanding to evolve. Within this evolution our faith can be strengthened and our natural purpose lived. A genuine connection with others reinforces humanity and lifts us to a deeper connection with one another, the world and a power greater than ourselves. We create a place in our lives where the grace of this connection can be found.

Grace is not easily defined. It is the kindness and favour of the universe that gives to us what we deserve simply because we exist. We exist as part of the universe and that which creates the energy that is the universal power greater than ourselves. Connecting to ourselves and humanity in a negative perspective moves us from grace, becoming open to serving our true self attracts grace into our lives.

There are some things we can’t do about grace. We can’t earn it. We can’t control it. We don’t have to deserve it.

If grace is out of our hands, so to speak, how do we engage in the spiritual practice of grace? Accept that you are accepted. Practice receiving. Receive objects, love, help and allow your needs to be met. Notice when physical presents and mindful presence come to you without your effort. Live mindfully and gratefully with the humility that limitless exists for each of us.

Grace confuses certain very natural human tendencies. We want to believe we are in control. We assume there are specific moves we can take to ensure that we are rewarded. We expect gifts to be doled out according to some recognizable plan.

But grace does not work that way. Instead, it teaches us to let go and let things unfold naturally. Not only are we not in charge, we don’t have to be. We just need to stay open to receiving what is divinely meant for us.

Becoming truly receptive requires that we give up shame self doubt and undermining. We have to reject those persistent feelings that we are unworthy, that we don’t deserve all that we have, that we’re not as good as people assume, that we’ve messed up, that our whole life is a mistake. Grace doesn’t listen to that litany. The universe isn’t based on a score keeping structure. Grace happens.

Practice being humble to see this limitlessness is there for everyone. Practice being grateful to avoid feeling unworthy. Changing perceptions to see the world from a view that comes with the exercise of faith and grace will allow your ideal life to unfold. Invite grace and faith to work powerfully your life, know you deserve this simply because you are part of universal energy, and then remain open to receiving it.

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