What is mindfulness?

The tendency is to allow the mind to wander through multiple thoughts that often become attached to emotion. As we indulge thoughts of the past or worry for the future we often reinforce emotions that cause suffering. The only moment we can truly experience is the present one and for most humans it is not an easy thing to do naturally. Practicing mindfulness allows a more natural and present existence. It is about quieting the mind and changing patterns to slowly move toward a more peaceful and purposeful existence. Mindfulness can be summed up as learning to pay attention on purpose to experience each moment in life without judgement.

For me mindfulness is

  • Living with a focused awareness on the present moment.
  • Finding serenity by acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts and physical sensations.
  • Living presently in each situation without judging or analyzing.
  • Simply being while experiencing life with every sense.
  • Practice to find stillness and balance, aligning the mind, body and spirit.
  • Learning to detach from anything that does not serve my spiritual growth without judging myself.

Mindfulness is moving to a place of accepting experiences of pleasure and discomfort equally without questioning. To me it is to become present in real time, moving through what I perceive as joyous, painful or simply indifferent and letting go to remain open to what is meant to come next. I feel this practice allows me to more easily find what serves me and gives me opportunity to be present and giving to those around me and to the universe as a whole. This makes the opposite true as well; living purposefully opens me to receiving all the world has to offer. I believe this kind of connectivity brings me back to my true self and opens understanding without the frustration of actively seeking it.