Picture yourself standing on a plateau. It is not so high you can not jump down to continue, but beside you there are rocks that create natural steps to get back on the path. You stand there looking back and forth at the two options analyzing which way to go. You contemplate both options painstakingly while you stand in the baking hot sun with others fading into the distance as they continue on the path they may have jumped down to or taken the steps to continue on. I am illustrating those times when you want to take action to move towards your aims and life plans, but you can’t decide which mechanism is the right one. You wonder why others seem to get ahead with little effort while you worry and plan, so that your ideal expectations can be met.

This type of inaction can cause a sneaky paralysis in our life. The root cause comes down to fear.  We often have a fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision and the fear of making a mistake keeps us stuck or plateaued in the over thinking and analyzing. We get so caught up in avoiding  a perceived misstep, we are not moving forward or taking any action at all.

This is our only mistake. Any action can not be truly wrong because it keeps us moving and learning. Staying on the plateau with our fear and indecision keeps us from our aims and the creation of our life. Making a decision that unexpectedly takes us in a direction from where we intended, gives us an opportunity to learn and understand how that choice did not happen as we may have thought but it is not a failure; simply an opportunity to try something different.

We create attitudes and energies towards fear, feeding it with analysis and overthinking that does not serve us. Instead, taking action even if it ends up feeling like a mistake, can be accepted as moving forward on a journey of purpose and adjustment. The message to our inner self is much more empowering. There is no productivity in trying to predict how to adjust without ever taking the steps. As we become willing to to learn what adjustments need to take place as we are in motion, we remain open to possibilities we may not have seen in our over analysis when we were stuck.

It is time to create momentum by letting go of fear leading to the need to predict and control outcomes. As much as we try, it is not possible anyway, so jump from the plateau or take the steps. It doesn’t matter which you choose just keep taking action toward your ideal life, understanding it can only find you when you are in motion.

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