OBJECTIVES for Meditation and Creative Writing Workshop



Intent: To motivate participants to build into their lives the benefits of meditation, journaling and mindfulness.

Other Objectives:
Support vulnerability in a safe environment.
Establish conditioning to calm over thinking and allow connection to inner voice.
Exhibit empowering nature of writing to inspire journaling.
Demonstrate group connectivity and natural building of trust and support.
Support open-minded conversation and sharing.
Illuminate creative abilities that are discovered when self-doubt is set aside through meditation.
Provide an exercise that allows a natural flow of emotion without judgment.
Reinforce recovery concepts and relapse prevention.

This workshop begins with an introduction to the exercise. There is a guided meditation designed to relax participants and allow them to step out of their creative way. Following the meditation, a free fall writing exercise begins, with an opening line. Participants write for 10 minutes with no regard for spelling, grammar or structure.

The experience reveals participants write beyond their expectations. Sharing is encouraged but never forced. The author may not justify or qualify their piece before sharing. As a facilitator, I give feedback that is encouraging and thought provoking. The other participants also have an opportunity to comment, giving positive feedback and interpretation. Lastly, the author may share thoughts about the writing experience, content, and themes of their piece.

Feedback from this process has been overwhelmingly positive. This workshop reinforces mindfulness and staying in the moment. It is a creative outlet for identifying and exploring emotional issues in a safe environment. There is an atmosphere of empowerment and trust that happens naturally. Participants quickly attach to personal capability and a respect for writing they may have never experienced before. There is tremendous therapeutic value in writing for creative purpose, self-discovery, and emotional release.

The meditation that sets the tone for the exercise is the key to participants writing from a less controlled voice than in typical journaling. This gives an experience that highlights the possibilities that come from meditation and as a facilitator, I teach through this experience the value of using meditation and mindfulness to live life on its own terms and to reflect in a way that has balance.

This workshop is powerful and when participants build confidence in the process and comfort in the group the opportunity to share coping skills, empowerment, self-discovery and creativity naturally reveal themselves. The teachable moments regarding utilization of tools to stay clean, manage moods, prevent relapse and grow in recovery are revealed and enforced through a creative activity that does not feel like traditional therapies. Supporting self-discovery through this workshop is rewarding for both the participant and the facilitator.

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