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Her story is honest and genuine with the raw edge of reality in active drug addiction. Her story provokes hope and inspires the value of living in the moment and rising above limitations. She sometimes shocks people with her transparency about addiction taking her from crack houses to parent teacher meetings in the same day.

Lisa has been a guest on AM900 CHML on the Bill Kelly Show, Wellness Wednesdays with Ted Michaels and the Ben Guyatt Show. Audiences including the Board of Directors and guests at The Bridge (Prison to Community) Annual General meeting, Crazy Good Mental Health Event and Empowered Women’s Circle have been inspired by Lisa’s message.

Her poetry has been featured in various publications and she read at the Hamilton Recovery Awareness breakfast. Lisa leads public meditations with her melodic and mesmerizing voice to demonstrate the ease and value of meditation in each of our lives.

Corporations appreciate Lisa’s approach to Emotional Ergonomics. Studies show when a staff team is taking care of mind, body and spirit the most effective and creative work is produced. Her passion is to inspire compassionate leadership. Audiences leave her talks with renewed creative energy and an understanding of how to become resilient role models in an era of change.

Presentations are customized to your group and the aims you have set for the workshop or event.

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Lisa Colbert is an inspiration. She has been a guest on my mental health show on AM900 CHML, sharing her personal story of addiction and recovery. Through her openness, she has helped to break the stigma of mental health.
Ted Michaels (900AM CHML)

Lisa is a compassionate and natural presenter who has been able to share her talents in many different settings that I have been fortunate enough to experience. Lisa is asked back time and time again to share her relaxing and creative methodology with others. JoAnn Carrothers (The Bridge: From Prison to Community)

Lisa is an amazing speaker. Her story is compelling and she captivates her audience with how she unfolds her life journey, inspiring you along the way. She makes you feel. She empowers you. She uplifts you. Dynamic and dignified. Would highly recommend her to any organization! Lynda Hykin (The House Purger)

I heard Lisa Colbert speak at numerous functions…always leaving me in awe. Lisa is an absolute power house of raw natural talent that she draws from her personal experience. She is a gifted writer who draws you into a world of deep emotion wrapped in a thick veil of transparency. I am always mesmerized reading her written work. As a motivational speaker, she is empowering…raw…honest. Her story is enlightening, connects with the human spirit, brings hope and educates the listener on the realities of life. Her struggle was real…and she overcame it…and she is reaching out towards others suffering and educating those who have never come into contact with the downward, spiraling effect of addictions. I am proud of her. I look up to her. She is brave. She is a role model. She is infinitely… Lisa Colbert    Mary-Lisa Russo