Investing in Personal and Spiritual Development Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Lisa will guide you in exploring meaning and purpose in your life experience. She will inspire you to focus in the moment and move beyond limiting beliefs. Lisa will guide you to look at your personal spirituality (not religion) and what this means in regard to creating your ideal life.


INITIAL CONSULTATIONS  ARE $70 then $120 after introductory session
(distance sessions available via messenger or skype)
( **if you are on a limited income ask about pay what you can afford program)
Appointments are scheduled for one to one and a half hours and typically fit into one of the aspirations below.


Explore what this means to you and bring practices like meditation into your life to align you with purpose and bring fulfillment that is not dependent on things outside self. Explore your unique connection to something greater than yourself. About GRACE & FAITH…


Learn compassionate ways of understanding and responding to body cues, challenging emotions and states of mind. Learn to ground in the present moment, find resilience in stress and anxiety and flow through life transitions. Accept life on it’s own terms and allow yourself to live authentically. ABOUT MINDFULNESS…

REIKI INNER CONNECTION HEALING (initial session is $45 then $65 ongoing)

Reiki is energy work meant to encourage a state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being. Reiki treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing processes both physically and emotionally. This unique healing session includes guided meditation deepening relaxation and promoting many levels of healing.
About REIKI...  About CHAKRAS…


Use the writing process to organize thoughts, identify limiting patterns and gain understanding of inner guidance to create empowering reflection and change. Includes Vitals Spark journal pages to inspire and motivate self discovery through writing. ABOUT JOURNAL COACHING…

Lisa invited me to be free to the point where in my journal I asked more questions than made statements. This was a very affirming and wonderful experience. ~Rosalina Chiwith


Accept addiction as a disease that is manageable with support and honest identification of patterns and false beliefs that can be overcome to stay clean and find fulfillment without substance use. Build trust in the support of someone who lived in the chaos of addiction and now finds gratitude in her experience. MORE ABOUT RECOVERY COACHING…


Build new perspective and understanding of someone you care for who is dependent on substance. Learn to support the recovery process or to accept the powerlessness that comes when an addict we love is in active addiction. Create a more manageable life.

Meditation In My Life

Perhaps you think meditation is valuable, but you have not been able to make this part of your life or you are not sure where to start. Perhaps you have not been able to find peace with meditation and think you cannot meditate. Or maybe you have benefited from meditation in your life, but you need support to structure the practice into your lifestyle and get the most you can from having encouragement and accountability. ABOUT MEDITATION…

Package Special: 5 one on one sessions $125.00

I am sincerely grateful for Lisa helping me through the most difficult time in my life. I constantly think about how willing she was to listen and the things she told me about her own experience. Her support has helped me improve my life in so many ways. I needed someone to help me understand what I was going through, and to lead me to new perspectives that changed the direction in my life. Even though she didn’t know me, she was able to have conversations with me that were deeply significant. She helped me to identify negative patterns in my life and most importantly helped me see my worth.   ~Keiley