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Enrich the  services your business provides by having Lisa facilitate workshops that will enhance your clients’ personal growth, life balance and fulfillment. Choose from a variety of topics or have Lisa customize a workshop to develop a topic you would like to participate in or offer.


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Workshops take place every other Tuesday!!
Arrive at 6:45 pm for social time before workshop

Join us in the beautiful energy at Creator’s Den
654 Main Street East, Hamilton

  • Self discovery through creative writing enhanced by guided meditation
  • Connect to inner voice, build positive energy and nurture your creative spirit
  • Change internal beliefs and perceptions that hold you back
  • Experience with meditation or writing is not required.

Consciously or not we express ourselves creatively every day. There is a creative spirit inside each of us. One of the ways to allow our creative voice is through writing.

This empowering and healing experience will allow true self to flow into expression through a free fall writing process. You will discover you are more capable than you have ever imagined.

We each have a unique and special presence in the world. This workshop will reveal a new voice or enhance a deeper connection to one you have already found. Allow yourself to discover the potential you have inside you.

What people are saying about this workshop:

It was an amazing experience. It is fun to learn about the new things I am capable of. ~ Natasha

Lisa invited me to be free to the point where in my journal I asked more questions than made statements.
This was very affirming. ~ Rosalina

This experience was about self discovery, becoming raw and vulnerable through paper and pen. ~ Tammy

Very powerful exercise. I was pleasantly surprised at what I was able to write. ~ Josie

You will be surprised what will come from deep within yourself, about yourself. ~ Pat

Learn Reiki 1

Sunday, March 11 1 pm until 5:30 pm AND
Monday, March 12 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Fee: $160 ($60 deposit by March 1)

For more Information and to email fees

No Experience is necessary to take Reiki Level 1. Reiki is often taken for self improvement and interest and can also be completed as the foundation to further Reiki practice by moving to the 2nd degree and master level. It is a perfect complement to other modalities and a beautiful way to embrace self discovery.

Reiki is a type of subtle, yet powerful energy work in which healing is performed by the touch of the hands and through the intuitive connection of the practitioner with the source energy and the natural flow of the universe. This form of healing simplifies the complication we create energetically by bringing balance and clearing to the mind, body and spirit. Just like the other systems of our body like the skeletal, nervous and digestive system, our spiritual system needs care.

You will learn how Reiki healing promotes deep relaxation while releasing emotional and physical toxins. You will learn how to channel your natural ability to heal and to cope with life on its own terms. The class will bring you to a deeper understanding of the messages our body gives us regarding stress and illness and how becoming balanced in our spiritual system creates healing in our body and our emotions.

In the level 1 class you will learn the history and theories of Reiki. You will learn to apply Reiki to yourself and others (if you choose to). There will be opportunities to practice and interact to enhance the self discoveries naturally made in this class. You will take home a detailed notebook and a certificate.

Class size is limited, so it is encouraged to pre-register early with deposit to hold your space. The deposit can be paid via email transfer to and the balance paid via email or in person at the Thursday class.

Register with your deposit by March 1.
Fee is $160 via email transfer to 
($60 deposit secures your space and balance is due at or before the first class)

Classes are at 468 James Street North, Hamilton



Enrich the  services your business provides by having Lisa facilitate workshops
that will enhance your clients’ personal growth, life balance and fulfillment.

Choose from a variety of topics or have Lisa customize a workshop
to develop a topic you would like to participate in.

MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION: Enhance self awareness and nurture spirit through concepts that teach living in the moment and living consciously. Reinforce practices, including meditation, to connect to serenity and build positive energy.

CREATIVE FREEFALL WRITING ENHANCED BY MEDITATION: Self discovery through creative writing enhanced by guided meditation. Group workshops helping clients connect to inner voice, build positive energy and nurture creative spirit.

SELF DISCOVERY JOURNAL: Change internal beliefs and perceptions that hold us back from creating our ideal lives. Personalize a journal using provided materials and learn how to use the journal effectively.

INTUITIVE COLLAGE: Use meditation to step aside from false beliefs and discover inner guidance through creating an art piece that inspires, motivates and empowers.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Begin to understand the value of teaching ourselves how messages we received in our early years shaped our thinking and often limit us today. Connect to inner healing beginning with the child within. Strengthen your value and the natural assets that can bring fulfillment.

HEALTHY BALANCE: REMEMBER TO PLAY: Inspiring life balance through feeding our playful spirit.

UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION as a DISEASE: Lisa offers addiction recovery support as a natural transition in her own recovery. Addiction is an illness of the mind, body and spirit creating a sad disconnect from humanity. In this workshop Lisa will share her own experience and passion to change the stigma that limits addicts from seeking help and the healing of recovery.  Lisa also has a presentation that inspires families and friends of substance dependent people.

EMPOWERMENT THROUGH PERCEPTION CHANGE: Cognitive Distortion or Paradigm is where we focus on particular aspects of an experience and ignore or discount other aspects, distorting our view of ourselves, others or the world; most often in a negative context. Learn to reframe thoughts and become aware of limiting beliefs to open your life and thinking to support your best self.

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