As I experience life through times of crisis, it becomes an important lesson when I accept it is not possible to have control over the chaos that enters my life. I have looked at the underlying benefits that appear, in time, as I allow them and embrace them. Doing so has restored my power. I intend to tell my story soon and hope it inspires others who are frustrated as they try to control life outcomes, or become reactive to life crisis, allowing the defeated feeling to remain when feeling over challenged. Pursuing or resisting is a futile practice that reinforces negative energy. The negative energy embraced is perpetual.

Instead, let go and take time to reflect as your own coach rather than judge in order to ultimately begin to focus on and reinforce your own strengths, the strengths of your friends and family and other relationships including the community you live in and globally. Most of us know the motivating joy when we are giving and grateful. Other times we allow the feeling of self doubt to be accentuated rather than felt and released. Everything is about emotion and the energy it carries.Recognizing then turning toward the supports and opportunities in any situation will bring strength.

Opening myself to support and acceptance is bringing me contentment in a very volatile time in my life. I thought I had to find my inner strength and take what life gave while fighting to remain positive in a nature that involved needing control. Now I let life happen, feel the automatic emotions then accept in time I will have something in my life that came from what was once a heartfelt negativity that I was able to feel and let go. Happiness is attainable if I patiently allow positive outcomes into my awareness then allow myself to feel how I can actively move forward and take gratefully all the lessons and opportunities that appear when you quiet yourself. Patience if sometimes for me hard to find and other times I realize I need to wallow in my misery and feel the hurt, grief sadness, etc. Feeling victimized I recently fell in and out of the hopeless and victimized place in my spirit, but ultimately regained the strength to choose to take steps that can quickly allow me to let go of the fear and regret and move forward.

The Roller Coaster ride continues, but I see the end and will lean into the turns and scream every so often then move on to a more serene ride.