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Lisa Colbert
Vital Spark
654 Main St. East
Hamilton, ON

Phone: 905-518-3257

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I would like to highly recommend Lisa Colbert for every opportunity she can ever be given as she has touched so many lives with her gentleness, caring and understanding beautiful ways. I have known Lisa for 4 years now and am blessed in our relationship. I have known her as a program provider for meditation and for meditation and journaling. Lisa volunteered to co-facilitate a program for women whose loved ones are incarcerated and this takes a special skill. Lisa made each person feel special and shared opportunities for growth with them. Lisa is so open about her past so as to help others see the individuals around them as unique individuals each with their own stories, all to be treasured. Lisa makes everyone’s life special, she is a star shining in the night ever helpfully guiding.  ~Joann Carrothers