Lisa Colbert is an inspiration. She has been a guest on my mental health show on AM900 CHML, sharing her personal story of addiction and recovery. Through her openness, she has helped to break the stigma of mental health. ~Ted Michaels

Lisa is an amazing speaker. Her story is compelling, and she captivates her audience with how she unfolds her life journey, inspiring you along the way. She makes you feel. She empowers you. She uplifts you. Dynamic and dignified. Would highly recommend her to any organization!  ~Lynda Hykin

I would like to highly recommend Lisa Colbert for every opportunity she can ever be given as she has touched so many lives with her gentleness, caring and understanding beautiful ways. I have known Lisa for 4 years now and am blessed in our relationship. I have known her as a program provider for meditation and for meditation and journaling. Lisa volunteered to co-facilitate a program for women whose loved ones are incarcerated and this takes a special skill. Lisa made each person feel special and shared opportunities for growth with them. Lisa is so open about her past so as to help others see the individuals around them as unique individuals each with their own stories, all to be treasured. I have been invited into Lisa’s life to share special moments and to meet so many of the special people she knows and cares so much about. Lisa makes everyone’s life special, she is a star shining in the night ever helpfully guiding.  ~Joann Carrothers

I am sincerely grateful for Lisa helping me through the most difficult time in my life. I constantly think about how willing she was to listen and the things she told me about her own experience. Her support has helped me improve my life in so many ways. I needed someone to help me understand what I was going through and to lead me to new perspectives that changed the direction in my life. Even though she didn’t know me, she was able to have conversations with me that were deeply significant. She helped me to identify negative patterns in my life and most importantly helped me see my worth.   ~Keiley

I have attended a few of Lisa’s workshops and they have been inspirational, relaxing and welcoming. I feel like I am part of a sisterhood when I am there. Lisa is very informative and is in sync with what is needed in each individual. I loved being involved with such wonderful and caring people. Thanks, Lisa.  ~Becky Les Strange

The clarity of the experience was a pleasant surprise. It was an amazing experience. It is fun to learn about new things I am capable of. You will be surprised what will come from deep within yourself, about yourself.   ~Natasha

Lisa invited me to be free to the point where in my journal I asked more questions than made statements. This was a very affirming and wonderful experience. ~Rosalina Chiwith

The creative writing workshop helped me to understand that I can express on paper what is felt in my heart, not coming from my head. This experience was about self-discovery, becoming raw and vulnerable through paper and pen.   ~Tammy Lebel

Lisa Colbert is the driving force behind Vital Spark, a wonderfully calming, soothing circle of meditation, learning and sharing.  After many years’ experience with spirituality, metaphysical practices and circles, I found my old friend Lisa to be an excellent teacher, altruistic adventurer, and her soothing meditations can take you anywhere your mind wants you to go.  You won’t find Lisa’s groups like any others, there is learning and unlimited freedom to explore. Thank you Lisa, the journey has just begun.  ~Christine Pocsai

Lisa is a compassionate and natural presenter who has been able to share her inspiration and talents in many different settings that I have been fortunate enough to experience. Lisa is asked back time and time again to share her relaxing and creative methodology with others. ~JoAnn Carrothers

Lisa brings valuable experience and knowledge to the coaching field and interacts perfectly to assist clients to change perception and find balance. She helped me to better understand how to support my uncle as he came home from treatment. She motivated me to see him as capable and to support wherever his life journey takes him. She gave me hope and helped me to understand relapse happens before someone uses and gave me cues to watch for. ~ Tammy D

Lisa listened to the concerns I have with my stepson and his drug use. She helped me to let go of many of my expectations to allow him to find recovery on his own terms. She gave me support to see my role and gave me ideas to find support for myself. She shared her own story honestly and this was especially encouraging.  ~Patricia S